Platform Monitoring & Management

Our specialty lies in the monitoring and management of all IT infrastructure.

We can help you deploy and Enterprise IT Monitoring and Management system
with the following features.

  • Topology Mapping

    Don't just monitor devices and their components individually, discover and map the links between devices to determine how all your IT infrastructure connects together.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    By knowing the topology of your environment, root cause analysis can be performed to determine the cause of an issue that impacts multiple components or devices, significantly minimising the event noise operation staff need to respond to, and getting the focus on fixing the issue sooner.

  • Cross Silo Monitoring and Event Consolidation

    Monitor all of your IT infrastructure infrastructure with one set of tools. Create a single pane of glass to get information about your whole environment in one place.

  • Autodiscovery

    Allow the system to automatically discover device additions or changes. Remove the complexity of maintaining the monitoring systems by letting them do the work automatically.

  • Business Service Impact

    Map IT infrastructure to your business services, so that when there's an issue with a device or component, the impact to your business is clearly evident and can be acted on with the appropriate priority.

  • Configuration, Change, and Compliance

    Ensure that all changes to devices configurations are captured in case of needing to back out or restore service after an outage. Maintain configuration standards for your network devices, and automatically ensure that device configurations match those standards and remediate deviations.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    View information about all of your IT infrastructure and service delivery in one place. Create individual report dashboards and custom reports, so that the information important to you is easy to access and visualise.

  • Flexible Thresholds and Alerting

    Apply thresholds to meet the capacity and performance requirements for your business and operating model. Know when something is happening before it impacts your business.

Public & Private Virtualised Environments

Public Cloud

If you're looking to move your infrastructure into one of the major cloud infrastructure providers, we can help you choose the best vendor and best approach to suite your organisation's needs.

We can help you plan the deployment of your infrastructure into the cloud in order to minimise the downtime during migration, minimise the ongoing infrastructure costs, and maximise the flexibility through leveraging the features of the chosen cloud provider.

Private Cloud

If you're looking to virtualise your IT infrastructure and/or move to an IT-as-a-Service model for your organisation, we can help you build the platform with the features your organisation needs to maximise the return on your investment.

We can help you make the most of the virtualisation process to ensure the resulting infrastructure has the elasticity to handle changing business needs, maximises the utilisation of the available resources, minimises the infrastructure cost and energy usage, with the flexibility to rapidly deliver resources on time when your business needs them, and the robustness to handle underlying infrastructure outages to keep your business running.

Hybrid Cloud

Why not both? If your business is not able to move everything to the public cloud, but you still want to make use of the rapid scalability or features that public cloud providers can supply, we can help you plan and build your IT environment to make the most of onsite and public cloud infrastructure.

Unified Network, Compute, and Storage

Whether it's a greenfield deployment or an evolution of your existing platform, we can help your business make the most of the virtualisation and software-defined revolution.

We can help you make the most of your converged, webscale, or unified infrastructure.

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    Software Defined

    Don't buy new hardware every time you need to deploy a new feature or service. With the right approach, you can make the required changes without having to run any new cables.

  • 2

    Abstract Your Hardware

    Pool resources according to capabilities, and deploy services based on service level requirements instead of tying them to specific hardware.

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    Make the most of your infrastructure investments. Maximise the resource utilisation, minimise the energy consumption, and best of all reduce the ongoing maintenance costs for keeping your business running.

Automation and Integration

We have proven experience in the integration of IT tools and the automation of tasks to ensure that your operations staff can focus on the important items to keep your business running, and let the day to day items take care of themselves.

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    CMDB integrations

    Update your CMDB automatically whenever a new device is discovered in your monitoring tools, or automatically populate your monitoring tools whenever a new device is added to your CMDB.

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    Event Integrations

    Have your monitoring tools automatically generate an incident in your IT service management platform whenever an event is detected that requires action from your operations teams.

  • 3

    Maintenance and Changes

    Put devices into maintenance and/or suppress events for devices under known change windows so that operations staff are not responding to events raised due to impacts of a change.

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    Self-Service Automation

    Use runbook automation to let your business users perform common tasks, obtain services IT, or self-provision resources without interrupting your operations teams from keeping your business running.

  • 5

    Event Consolidation

    Many IT environments have multiple monitoring tools or element managers for different IT silos in order to leverage proprietary features for the different vendors. We have extensive experience in integrating the output from the element managers or other monitoring tools into a single location in a manager-of-managers approach so that you can see all of the events and information from all of your IT tools in the one place.

Strategic Mobility

m.Monitor puts the information collected by your monitoring tools at your fingertips. See all events, topology maps, device details, and assignment information on your mobile, no matter where you are.

For more information, please see the m.Monitor entry in the iQ Consult Products entry above.

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m.Reports allows you to access the collected performance, capacity, and SLA monitoring data on your mobile device. See how your infrastructure is performing, any time from anywhere.

For more information, please see the m.Reports entry in the iQ Consult Products entry above.

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