About Us

Who we are

Established in 2010, iQ Consult is a team of engineers and scientists, dedicated to making business sense of IT challenges.
We are an organisation that prides itself itself on developing subject matter experts in the field of consulting, architecture, and delivery.
Our experience and expertise fuels the architecture and delivery practices, ensuring that what we propose to our customers we also deploy, manage, and support.

What we do

We recommend IT infrastructure monitoring and analysis tools.
We help companies avoid infrastructure failure by proper use of these technologies - forecasting, capacity planning, etc.
When failure does occur, speed and accuracy of root cause analysis aids to minimise the impact on the business. 
We help automate tasks and integrate tools so that your operational staff can focus on what is important.
Overall, we optimise the health & performance of all infrastructure elements. Any device, any platform, any ware.



We have extensive experience with numerous IT management technologies and platforms.
We have strong technical skills in many different IT silos including networking, storage, security, and compute infrastructure.
We understand the challenges facing all kinds of organisations, and how to successfully address them.



We believe that if you understand the variables that affect your environment, then you can control and prosper from that environment.
We aspire to be the world's foremost experts on IT infrastructure monitoring and capacity, performance, and service level reporting.

Our Culture

All of our people are driven to succeed in understanding the challenges faced by our customers and how we can help deliver a solution that not only addresses them, but exceeds the requirements.
We know that the only way for us to succeed is to help you understand and solve your challenges, together.


Our Customers

We have delivered infrastructure and management services to all kinds and sizes of organisations, including:

  • Banks and Financial Services Organisations

  • IT Managed Service Providers

  • Utility Providers

  • Small and Medium Businesses

  • Telecommunications Services Companies

  • State and Federal Government Departments

  • Large/Global Enterprises

Customised EMC SRM reports for consolidated chargeback on storage infrastructure across multiple technology types

Designed and deployed an EMC Service Assurance Suite installation to be used as the Integrated Network Management System, with southbound integration into Huawei element managers and northbound integration into a customer event management system

Designed and implemented a Cloud Delivery Platform (EMC Smarts and Watch4net, integrated with BMC Remedy and Cisco Portal)

Assisted in the design and deployment of EMC SRM to be used as the primary source for capacity management and performance data in the global Managed Services for Data Centers

Executive Team

Wilhelm Wonigkeit Chief Architect
Corne Grobbelaar Senior Technical Consultant
BENJAMIN JOHNS Territory MAnager - Victoria