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Consulting Services

Whats the issue?

Properly defining the problem is halfway to the solution

Solution approach

Address the issues in the most direct and cost-efficient way, while future-proofing your investment

  • IT Strategy and Architecture

    IT Architecture services, designing for an end-state that delivers on the business promise and the technological advancement.

  • RFP / RFI and RFQs

    Business Consulting services, delivering the capability to justify from a business, technical, and resource perspective the investment made in IT projects.

  • Vendor Agnostic

    Supporting an agnostic view of both strategy, architecture, and business outcomes; the intention to deliver a solution matched to your organisation's problems.

  • Business Benefits Realisation

    Measuring the final outcome from a business and commercial perspective and ensuring the outcome!

Professional Services

Our organisation's roots are in the plan, design, build, deploy and support phases common to modern day IT projects.

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    From a business, technical and resource perspective, our IT Consulting services can assist in justifying the investment made in IT projects.

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    IT Architecture services, designed for an end-state that delivers on both the business promise and technological advancement.

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    Professional services, delivered as pre-built packages or bespoke implementations, are aligned with the architectural requirements.

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    Operate & Improve

    Support services, offering sustainability built from within the organisation or assistance via managed support services.

Packaged Services



  • Operational Framework

    Because of the rapid uptake of virtualisation, architecture and solutions may not have been adapted to cater for the nuances of a virtual environment. Operational use cases that were prevalent in non-virtual environments are not so relevant for virtualised environments, and vice versa.

  • Storage Assessment

    Over time, storage in your environment may become under- or over-utilised leading to performance issues. It becomes easy to lose sight of your storage topology. It is important to have a proactive awareness of your storage solution end to end to ensure high performance and utilisation.

  • Data Centre Blueprinting

    As an organisation grows, so does the amount of servers and applications in the datacentre. The ability for an organisation to snapshot the inter-dependencies that make up their physical, virtual and application environment for that datacentre becomes an essential step in optimising and running an efficient environment.

  • Operational Framework

    To provide a more robust and scalable way of delivering IT infrastructure services easily and reliably, to a largely non-technical end user population. Typically referred to as “IT as a Service”.


  • Storage Assessment

    iQ Consult engineers deploys specialised storage assessment software (EMC ViPR SRM) in your environment. After installation and configuration data is collected for 30 days in which reports are generated with recommendations.

  • Data Centre Blueprinting

    iQ Consult engineers deploys specialised software on a VMware virtual environment and configure the basic network and access requirements. After initial discovery is performed the solution will run continuously within the customer environment collecting the required data (typically for 30 days). Following this, reports to the customer are built based on information collected over the last month.

Regional experts in the design, implementation, and delivery of integrated IT infrastructure monitoring and management systems

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